Experimental computer game, 2012

Stealth is an auditive racing game that shows how the “easy” task of listening can be hard and complex if you as a player are not used to trust your ears but your eyes. The player slips into the role of the blind driver of a high speed car in a two-dimensional world. He has no other choice as to find his way based on what he hears. Leaving the track and crashing with objects will result in acoustic punishment and the player will eventually realize that the whole game is not really about driving a car through an acoustic labyrinth, but about how we perceive our very world.

Stealth takes the player into a world of music and sound, addresses the representation of reality in the gaming environment and aims to re-contextualize it through a simple and intuitive game design.

The player’s patience and adaptability are stressed and a new understanding of what a game can be is established.

Shown at
Blank Arcade - Games out of Joint, DiGRA 2015, Lüneburg, Germany
ZKM_gameplay, ZKM Museum for Contemporary Art, Permanent exhibition, Karlsruhe, Germany
Future and Reality of Gaming Conference 2013, Austria, Vienna
ZKM_gameplay, ZKM Media Museum, Permanent exhibition, Karlsruhe, Germany
KAMUNA Karlsruher Museumsnacht 2013, Karlsruhe, Germany
Next Level Festival Cologne 2012, Germany
Platine Festival Cologne 2012, Germany

Festival documentary
„Spielerischer Angriff auf das Trommelfell“, Kölner Rundschau (Cologne newspaper), 14.08.2012
Press release by Karlsruhe University of the Arts, Germany for Platine Festival
Press release by Karlsruhe University of the Arts, Germany for Next Level Conference
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