Interactive video installation, 2015

CCTV2.0 - It’s like surveillance but then even better.
CCTV2.0 - bringing back the "soicial" to CCTV.

CCTV2.0 is an interactive audio/video installation that gathers live video streams from a venue and starts to detect people on them in real-time based on a huge database of Facebook profiles. While the detection itself has very low accuracy, the simple act of detecting some person and connecting it to some profile tells the spectator how easy a misuse of information is: not identity theft is the problem, it is identity propagation. People who have nothing to do with the installation, the venue, even the city, are tagged in a publicly accessible video stream (and a log) while the mechanisms for detection are not revealed. CCTV2.0 thus deals with the problem of non-reproducibility of evidence that is electronically gathered and wants to reflect on the harmfulness of global communication systems.